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7-2, 4-Chome, Kamitsuchidananaka, Ayase-shi, Kanagawa, 252-1113, Japan

1989   U.P.I Co., Ltd. was established and separated from Utsuki Keiki Co., Ltd.
            Nobukazu Utsuki becomes first president and CEO of U.P.I Co., Ltd.

1990   Make a fresh start as full independence company by having succeeded to an agency of SEIKO
            and NAGANO KEIKI from Utsuki Keiki Co., Ltd.

1992   Engage in specialized and technical occupations including level sensor and valve control products.

1995   Concluded the technical and marketing collaboration agreement in ASIA with SIEMENS AG for             Marine Master Clock.

2009   Produce Level Sensor and Valve Remote Control System with new current organization.

2010  Research ecology system in the field of marine industry.

2011  Received superior supplier in quality award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

2014   Open the local office establishment at China Shanghai, and Jiangsu JingJiang.